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Kenneth E. Hanna: Founder

The 100 Hall of Fame Legacy Foundation, Inc. was certified in 2013 as a Public Non-Profit Organization made up of dedicated Officers, Staff, supporters, volunteers, donors, members, and partnerships, committed to excellence.  For over 10 years, The 100 Hall of Fame Legacy Foundation have provided positive program events and initiatives for our youth, senior citizens, and communalities across the country. 

Together we can improve the quality of life for our youth and community.

Our Mission  


The mission of the 100 Hall of Fame Legacy Foundation, Inc., HOFLF, is to shape the minds of our youth, ages 7-17, especially in the areas of our communities wherever help is needed. Through mentorship, programs, events, initiatives, and activities, (i.e., youth saltwater fishing trips, FAMU Summer Band Camp, for high school band students across the country), with the goal being to promoting excellence in character building, and the cultivation of successful and productive citizens throughout their lives. 


To fulfill this mission, the Corporation encourages diversity, inclusivity, non-discrimination, and participation by all alumni, students, friends and supporters in programs and activities of the Corporation.



From the beginning we devoted our efforts towards honoring and maintaining the legacy of the FAMU Marching Band to where it is today, The Florida A&M University's Incomparable Marching "100", which makes it imperative that this Organization not forget from which we have evolved,

 and until this day have not forgotten the vision of Legendary Dr. William P. Foster 1946 - 1998.




1949 marching 100 doc 1.jpg
Recognizing HBCU's Across the Nation

Make your Check, Money Order or Cashier's check payable to: The 100 Hall of Fame Legacy Foundation, Inc. - P.O. Box 5763 Tallahassee, Fl. 32314

Make sure to specify weather monies are for membership or donation


Click the "Donate" button to join as a member or simply make a donation.

The 100 Hall of Fame Legacy Foundation, Inc.     P.O. Box 5763      Tallahassee, Fl. 32314    Phone: (850) 309-6028

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