Board and Staff Information 

Our Mission

To shape the minds of our African American youth ages 7-17 in our communities. Through our programs, events, and activities, (i.e., youth saltwater fishing program, music, social skills, academic scholarships, spiritual and health related mentoring), our goal is to promote excellence in character building, and the cultivation of successful and productive citizens. 


Our Purpose 

To provide assistance for our most deserving and outstanding children in our community.

To provide positive activities for our children to experience and enjoy year round. 

We are a 501(c) (3) nonprofit Public Charity, certified in the State of Florida since Oct. 2013, to support both adults and the children in our communities.  We also have developed a relationship with other organizations that support, co-sponsor, or donate to our mission, and provide positive recreational events and activities to shape young minds that will have the right influence in their future. 

FAMU Marching "100" History

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